NEP was born out of a multi-family property developer who wanted a better way to deliver services to his residents and more efficiently operate his communities. That DNA has permeated our culture and has led us to develop solutions that ease the pain of both residents and property managers alike. We realize that convenience and access to real-time data are key to making your resident experience exceptional and your operational experience efficient. NEP delivers this through:


The Smart Property Platform

NEP’s Smart Property Platform is a flexible solution framework that allows you to customize community living experiences, and the property management functions that support them, in an efficient and cost effective manner. The platform integrates smart metering and microgrid infrastructure with multiple resident touchpoints. Functionality includes 24/7 resident support, unified billing and mobile payment options. It also provides you, the property manager, with access to operational reports, seamless move in/move out functionality and property dashboards. A wide range of solutions can be added and removed based on your desired community experience and operational needs. At NEP, we understand the symbiotic ecosystem that exists between property managers, the community and the residents that live within it. Let us show you how our Smart Property Platform can take that ecosystem to the next level.


PM Software Integration

Our platform integrates with your property management system to seamlessly set up services upon resident lease signing. Residents don’t have to lift a finger to establish electric and water service at their location, it is already set up for them. Upon lease expiration, NEP will automatically transfer services into a PM account for vacant unit management. If your property doesn’t have an integratable leasing system, no worries! We also provide an online accessible move in/move out portal to offer the same functionality.


Analytics Dashboard and Community Operational Reports

NEP collects millions of data points per year. We combine all of these data elements into a powerful data and analytics dashboard that enables you to monitor the overall health and efficiencies of your apartments, buildings and communities.


This data includes:

  • electric metering

  • water metering

  • weather

  • resident satisfaction

Attribute data related to:

  • units

  • buildings

  • communities

  • common area usage

  • water heater usage



monthly usage report

Includes electric and/or water usage by unit

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usage summary report

Includes electric and/or water usage for a particular
unit over a period of time (available upon request)

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high water usage report

Includes units showing unusually high water
usage (available for select communities)

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bill detail

Includes a breakdown of all credits, adjustments,
and vacant unit charges for property management

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Multiple Unit
Usage Comparison

Includes daily usage comparisons of up to
four like units for electric and/or water

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past due accounts
receivable report

Includes residents past due on payments
and residents on payment plans

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Resident Payment
Plan Summary

Includes a breakdown of residents currently on
payment plans and those who have broken plans

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occupied unit usage
and cost averages report

Includes monthly, yearly and community averages for both usage and cost, broken down by square footage or floorplan

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Vacant Unit
consumption report

Includes monthly and seasonal averages for both
usage and cost as well as monthly totals

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