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Innovative Advantages for Your Community

NEP’s unique model helps multifamily property owners realize immediate increases in operational value while delivering a better resident experience.

Traditional Utility Models vs The NEP Model

  • The traditional utility model provides very few benefits to the multifamily property owner. The host utility controls the design and placement of the infrastructure, receives all of the resident data, and earns all revenue returns.
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  • NEP’s proprietary model allows the multifamily property owner to decide how and where the infrastructure is installed, maintains all community usage data, earns revenue to be used for reinvestment, and has access to clean energy.
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Traditional Utility Model

Nearly all of the advantages favor the host utility.

The NEP Model

Advantages geared toward the multifamily owner.


Traditional Utility Model

All revenue returns to host utility

The NEP Model

Revenue stays in community for reinvestment
Infrastructure Design

Traditional Utility Model

Infrastructure design is out of your hands

The NEP Model

You decide how infrastructure is designed
Clean Energy

Traditional Utility Model

Not always clean energy

The NEP Model

100% carbon free energy
Customer Data

Traditional Utility Model

Host utility holds all customer data

The NEP Model

NEP dashboard provides visibility and analytics into customer data
Common Areas

Traditional Utility Model

Common areas are hard to bill and meter

The NEP Model

Common areas are metered and billed
Cost of Ownership

Traditional Utility Model

You pay for utility infrastructure

The NEP Model

NEP pays for the last mile infrastructure
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Plug in with NEP

A partnership with NEP uncovers an extensive array of benefits available when you exercise your ownership right to the last mile of electrical infrastructure at your property. Leverage generous economic, design, technological, and clean energy advantages.  NEP’s multifamily expertise will help you improve cash flow and NOI while providing a better overall experience for you, your property management team, and your residents. 

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You Take Control

Submeters at each resident — and your common areas — will be tied into your new master meter, giving you complete control and visibility into energy usage. We utilize best-in-class, two-way AMI remotely readable meters that broadcast usage data in 15-minute intervals.

master meter and submeter control

Total Visibility

NEP analytics and data platforms provide complete visibility into electrical distribution in your community, giving you more control and insight for making decisions.

  • Individual unit-usage measurement, data, and analytics
  • Building, community and portfolio level usage, and analytics
  • Comparative analytics between units of the same type
  • Vacant-unit usage analytics
  • Ability to detail individual contributors to CAU such as pools, fountains, HVAC, elevators, etc.
utility submeter analytics and data software


Solutions for Both New Build and Existing Multifamily Communities


NEP From the Ground Up

New construction projects are organized by a custom-created timeline unique to each property that includes the following general steps.

Evaluation and Planning
NEP reviews all relevant plans provided by the property owner and creates a proposal.
Prior to construction, NEP meets with key stakeholders and develops an implementation schedule.
Installation and Hook Up
NEP coordinates the installation of transformers, enclosures, meters, and the primary distribution system with the host utility.
Training and Resident
NEP conducts training for property managers and all registration, communication, and billing for new residents.
team evaluation and planning


Converting to the NEP Model

We make electrical privatization easy by developing a tailored plan that guides you along the way.

Assessment and Review

NEP performs an initial site assessment and creates a proposal.

Design and Permits

All relevant materials are submitted to any appropriate third party, and a design tech is assigned to the project.


NEP meets with the host utility to discuss scheduling, equipment, and any property management needs.

Construction and Conversion

Any needed construction to the electronic distribution equipment is conducted. The host utility installs the community master meter.

Tenant Communication

NEP handles resident communication, including pre- and post-installation and future billing.

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Communities Served by NEP

coastal ridge real estate
Crawford Hoying
Edwards Companies
GMH Capital Partners
kaufman development
onewall partners
riverwards group
Schottenstein Real Estate Group

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