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A Better Multifamily Energy Solution

Property owners, developers, and operators gain significant economic, sustainability, management, and resident benefits when they team up with Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP). For 25 years, NEP has focused exclusively on the multifamily energy experience. Our extensive knowledge of this unique environment helps our partners deploy energy solutions that address their properties’ goals. 

Key Benefits with NEP


Reduction in Capital

Multifamily owners and developers typically pay the host utility a hefty fee for the use of their electrical infrastructure. NEP turns that model on its head. Through your partnership with NEP, you reap the benefits as the owner of the energy services at your property (installed at no cost to you) and money, otherwise paid to the host utility, is freed up.

Upfront Revenue

NEP offers customers a one-time, upfront compensation per unit (often called “door fees”). This “door fee” helps boost your bottom line or you can invest it in sustainable community additions to help meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

Increased Revenue (NOI)

Property owners earn recurring, residual income each month due to the cost difference between the commercial and residential energy rates. This vital, ongoing commodity revenue stream can increase your NOI while reducing your operating expenses without resorting to raising rents.

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Expert Guidance

NEP is your true partner at every stage in your energy ownership journey. We assume the debt risk, conduct rigorous testing and ongoing inspections, support and maintain the minigrid, and handle all resident billing and servicing. Moreover, our singular focus on the multifamily community means we truly understand this segment’s unique needs and challenges and are expertly equipped to address them. Our approach also reduces your burden of electric infrastructure costs, and speeds up the development and implementation. 

Customized Solutions

Privatization gives property owners a voice in infrastructure placement, including design and sometimes products. You determine placement of these features based on your property’s unique architectural and functional design and needs. Correspondingly, our seamless installation is a relief to those typically plagued by a lack of responsiveness, slow installation speed, and lagging expectations. NEP is incentivized to complete your project on your timeline and typically 20-25% faster than the host utility.

Property Manager and Resident Experience

Privatization gives your community a more streamlined and transparent billing and service experience. NEP assumes all billing and servicing of each resident, takes on the associated debt, and maintains the property’s electrical infrastructure (or minigrid). Additionally, you gain hardware access and consulting solutions, property marketing capabilities, and energy efficiency rebates — as well as data and analytics to facilitate more effective energy management.

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Sustainability Offerings

100% Carbon-Free Energy

We work hand-in-glove with our property owner/developer partners to arrange 100% carbon-free electricity at no additional cost. This benefit applies to every community we serve and has a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Execute ESG Goals

Growing evidence suggests that integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals not only is socially responsible, but also helps provide organizations with a competitive advantage in the competitive multifamily rental marketplace today.


NEP provides individual, state-of-the-art smart metering for all services, including detailed usage tracking for vacant properties and common usage, thus ensuring accurate energy allocation and billing.

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How it Works

Our solution is implemented in one of two ways: (1) By converting an existing multifamily properties or (2) by integrating it into new construction properties. Either way, getting started with NEP is easy. We will work with you through every step along the way from initial assessment to scheduling, implementation, and resident outreach.

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Get Started with NEP in Three Simple Steps

Step 1

See The Value

Let us show how NEP can increase your NOI and benefit your communities.

Step 2

On-site Assessment

Get a free, no-obligation assessment and proposal with tailored next steps and detailed ROI.

Step 3


NEP covers upfront costs and project manages the entire process ensuring a seamless transition. 

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