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Energy Done Better

Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) flips the traditional energy service model on its head, giving multifamily owners exactly what they want and need — choice, control, and sustainability.

Increased NOI, improved energy data insights, more accurate resident billing, better cash flow, and 100% carbon-free energy are just a few of the benefits multifamily properties enjoy when they choose our customizable energy solutions.

Three Ways Ownership Unlocks Value

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    Choice and Customization

    NEP has a singular focus — the multifamily community. Whether it is a new build or conversion to an existing community, NEP has customized solutions that add speed and flexibility to the installation process. This allows you to choose the design and placement of your infrastructure.

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    Control and Value Creation

    Offset staggering construction costs, acquire upfront financial gains, create an ongoing revenue stream that increases your Net Operating Income (NOI), and gain transparency into community and individual unit energy usage. All with no investment required.

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    Sustainability That Pays

    We are committed to arranging 100% carbon-free electricity to every community we serve, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our model creates a winning proposition for the owner, its residents and their evolving needs, and the communities we call home.

“I would like to share how useful these reports have been. When a vacant unit has appeared on the report, we have done our diligence and found the cause of high usage. Sometimes it has been a ground wire touching the heating element causing the A/C and heat to run at the same time. In other cases, we have discovered loose lugs at the air handler unit, as well as inside the panel box. We have even found frozen evaporator coils causing the unit air handler to run continuously.
Thank you for the reports!”

– Trent, Sr. Construction Manager

An Energy Management Solution That is Right for You and Your Community

NEP’s smart metering and minigrid infrastructure are flexible and customizable, making it the perfect solution for a variety of audiences and multifamily communities.

full service community submetering

Developer Experience

For new construction projects, NEP works with you at every stage while removing capital costs. From evaluation and planning through installation and training, NEP ensures the best alignment to your community.
submetering for asset managers

Property Owner/Asset Manager Experience

Add value and increase the NOI of your property through privatized electric infrastructure ownership. Get immediate access to upfront payments and recurring monthly income.

submetering data and analytics company

Property Manager Experience

Gain visibility into the electric usage at your property through data and analytics. Automated move in/move out services, operational reports, and flexible billing, lead to improved overall operational efficiency.

easy to use submetering software

Resident Experience

NEP makes it simple for your residents. Our easy-to-use resident portal, unified bill, metering and rate accuracy, and expertise in arranging 100% carbon-free energy enhance the resident experience.

Communities Served by NEP

Coastal Ridge
Crawford Hoying
Edward Companies
GMH Capital Partners
Kaufman Development
LC Logo
ONEWALL Partners
Riverwards Group
Schottenstein Real Estate Group
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Get Started with NEP in Three Simple Steps

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On-site Assessment

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We’ll cover upfront costs and project manage the entire process.

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