New Statements Provide State-of-the-Art Transparency


Nationwide Energy Partners new multifamily customer statements provide state-of-the-art transparency to residents and managers.

In a world of burgeoning smart appliances, always-on media devices and multiple charging stations for tablets and phones, sometimes the first step to taking control of energy costs is just understanding utility bills. Property managers experience the same challenges as residents and condominium owners when they try to determine unit and common area energy costs.

That’s why Nationwide Energy Partners has now reinvented the utility bill to show residents of multifamily units their patterns of electricity and water usage through understandable graphics and comparisons to the average cost in their buildings. These industry-leading customer statements offer residents more information and insight, empowering them to become more energy conscious and efficient.

The new Nationwide Energy Partners one-page bill shows:

A quick view of total charges, due date and easy access to customer service
Bar graphs with 12-month average daily costs for both electricity and water
A clear summary of monthly electricity and water costs for the apartment or condominium unit itself and separate costs for common areas
Monthly temperature average to help understand seasonal or weather-related usage

“Clarity and transparency set the new Nationwide Energy Partners utility statements apart from those of other multifamily service companies,” said Mike Palackdharry, President of Nationwide Energy Partners. “That commitment to honesty and clear communications increases residents’ satisfaction levels while saving time for property owners and managers.”

To view the Nationwide Energy Partners transparent utility bill here.

With 18 percent of the U.S. population living in multifamily communities, Nationwide Energy Partners is committed to helping to improve the resident experience through transparency, access to data, and energy innovation. NEP is uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency solutions to the multifamily industry that was underserved before now.

About Nationwide Energy Partners
Founded in 1999, Nationwide Energy Partners provides integrated energy services for 30,000 residents of multifamily units, as well as their property managers and developers of residential communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee and Kentucky. Nationwide Energy Partners offers installation of energy services, sub-metering, meter reading, billing, collections and customer service to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers. These services allow residents to better manage their energy use, property managers to more efficiently run their communities, and developers to build more cost-effective communities.

Taylor Wiff