Energize Columbus + Earth Month


Energize Columbus heads to the classroom for Earth Month.

Members of Nationwide Energy Partners’ Energize Columbus kicked off Earth Month 2016 by stepping inside the classroom. Hubbard Mastery School is an Energize Columbus partner school located in Victorian Village. NEP CEO Gary Morsches and Metering Manager John Tyler spent the afternoon of April 5 teaching the fifth-grade students about water conservation.

With Hubbard Mastery’s fifth grade curriculum including an overarching water theme this year, it was the perfect opportunity for Energize Columbus to teach the kids about why it’s important to conserve water, what they can do in their everyday lives to reduce water waste and how to encourage others around them to pay attention to their own use.

“Our goal was to shed some light as to the differences between freshwater and saltwater, and how scarce freshwater is as a portion of total water on Earth,” said Tyler. “We worked through a few real world examples to demonstrate how much water we use on average for various activities around the house and helped give some context to the cost of wasting water, putting it in terms the kids could understand – cheeseburgers and ice cream cones!”

Gary and John also did a demonstration on the varying costs of purchasing bottled water, gallons of water bought at the store and tap water to show the price differences and highlight how wasteful disposable plastic bottles are compared to reusable water bottles filled with tap water.

Tyler said, “It was kind of amazing to watch the kids in these classrooms engage in the discussion and hear their thoughts about how to save water and why it was important.”

Taylor Wiff