Renewable energy has become an increasingly important part of our national energy mix and social conscience. Entire generations of renters are coming to multi-family communities inquiring about a community’s sustainability footprint and whether renewables like solar are part of the their solution. NEP is experienced in the design and implementation of renewable energy projects specific to the multi-family environment. Our microgrid enables the multi-family owner/operator to be in control of product selection, placement, size and design. By placing your renewable solution behind the community’s master meter onto a distribution system that you own, we put the power of choice in your hands, not someone else's. Our in-depth understanding of renewables and their application in the multi-family sector enables us to navigate your community through questions about insurance, impacts to roofs and green spaces, environmental footprints, tax and renewable energy credits, depreciation and maintenance. We are uniquely qualified to customize a renewable energy solution to maximize resident and property owner/manager benefits.


Benefits include:

  • Attract residents with environmental focus and sustainable messaging

  • Lower CAU operating costs and increase NOI for property owner/manager

  • Annual energy savings range from 10% to 30% under a 20 year agreement and depending on location, specific property usage and costs

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit for 30% of the system cost

  • Accelerated depreciation of the asset from taxes, including 100% first year bonus depreciation deduction on the adjusted basis