At NEP, we know the impact of ever increasing water and energy charges on MDU operating expenses. That's why we submeter each resident and your common areas so everyone knows exactly where the water and energy go. We utilize best in class two-way AMI remotely readable meters that broadcast usage data in 15 minute intervals. Residents receive accurate measurements of their individual usage and you receive reports detailing out consumption. And with a 24/7 experienced field maintenance team constantly monitoring and maintaining the smart metering network, you never have to worry if something goes wrong.


electric and water Smart metering enables:

  • Individual unit usage measurement, data & analytics

  • Building, community and portfolio level usage & analytics

  • Comparative analytics between units of the same type

  • Vacant unit usage analytics

  • High usage alerting

  • Common Area Usage (CAU) analysis & management

  • Ability to detail individual contributors to CAU such as pools, fountains, HVAC, elevators, etc