NEP utilizes a patented smart appliance technology from Armada Power that turns your existing residential electric water heaters into active, income generating assets. At the heart of this solution is a proprietary, cloud-based software platform called Fleetcommander that networks electric water heaters together through a physical device called the Grid Optimizer, creating a 'fleet' to balance supply and demand on the power grid. This platform aggregates existing water heaters and enables a variety of income generating services such as frequency regulation, capacity market participation and demand cost management.


how it works

Grid Optimizers can be retrofitted to existing tanks or installed during a new construction process and installation only takes about 20-30 minutes. The water heater power supply is simply run through the Grid Optimizer and then back down to the tank. UL certifications, tank warranties and all pre-existing tank components remain intact. The Grid Optimizer does not affect the plumbing or pierce the tank itself in any way. The Grid Optimizer connects to Fleetcommander via a wifi network and operates within the already existing thermostat set points of the tank. On a second by second basis, Fleetcommander evaluates the amount of hot water in the tank and balances the water heater’s power consumption with the power consumption needs of the electric grid. This intelligent alignment of the hot water needs of the resident with the needs of the power grid reduces carbon emissions by nearly 1 ton of CO2 per unit per year and creates incremental NOI streams through demand cost reductions and energy market participation.




Armada’s patented Fleetcommander software platform constantly monitors comfort so resident access to hot water remains consistent. Unlike AC or thermostat demand response programs where service is interrupted for long periods of time on the hottest days, Fleetcommander makes constant adjustments for short periods of time enabling it to run in the background and not impact residents.


Predictive Maintenance & energy efficiency

Armada’s Fleetcommander software actively analyzes every operational function of a water heater including top and bottom tank temperatures, power consumption, and voltage. Fleetcommander can detect problems such as bad heating elements, incorrectly set thermostats and tank leaks before your resident or maintenance teams can. Our platform will proactively notify your property management team of maintenance issues or improperly set tanks enabling you to:

  • Address issues BEFORE they impact the resident

  • Increase the life of your water heater by maintaining proper settings

  • Increase the energy efficiency of each unit by eliminating unnecessary energy usage from improperly set tank thermostats or by replacing inefficient tanks

The alerts Armada provides have really paid off and are a GREAT TOOL. They give my guys a good starting point and lessen the overall time it takes to do repairs.

I LOVE this system in regards to maintenance.
— Roberto, Maintenance Manager at Potomac Vista, Federal Capital Partners


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