At NEP, we provide the tools to track usage and billing information and find customized reports. By empowering residents with insight into their daily usage, we eliminate surprises. We enable residents to better understand, monitor and manage their monthly usage, and in doing so, create happier, more satisfied residents.




Available on both mobile and desktop platforms, the resident portal is completely unique to each resident and allows them to better understand, monitor and manage monthly usage. Residents will be able to:

  • Access reports at any time
  • View account information
  • Look at current usage & projected usage for current billing period
  • View current costs & estimated payment for current billing period
  • Set alerts specific to your desired usage
  • Easily pay bills with one-step bill pay feature
  • Display usage graphs for the last 24 hours, last 30 days and last 12 months
  • Examine related factors like temperature and see how they impact your energy consumption