New Smart Property Client Portal Releases into Beta


Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) launched a beta version of its forthcoming client portal application last week. Available to select property managers, developers and owners, this dashboard brings innovative real-time visibility to the community’s energy and water use. This application combines data with actions that will allow property managers and maintenance staff to improve the resident experience while reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Our vision is to generate NOI, an improved resident experience and sustainability measures for our MDU clients.
— JT Kreager, COO at NEP

By leveraging hourly Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) energy and water use data obtained in near real-time from meters installed at each property, community managers will be able to see high vacant usage, energy waste and water leaks. In future releases, a smart decision engine will power an alert management system for property maintenance to proactively identify and resolve issues before they lead to resident discomfort, costly insurance claims or high bills.

Usage information is presented alongside detailed account and contact history for each resident. With smart tooltips, property managers will be able to work with residents to resolve questions before they turn into complaints and see a history of support provided to the resident by NEP’s best in class, bilingual, domestic call center. Making this information universally available is another step aimed at improved transparency to ensure an exceptional resident experience.

We recognize that every interaction we have with our residents and customers is an opportunity to give more than they expected and make them walk away wanting to tell others about their awesome experience!
— Brandi McMinn, Director of Client Experience at NEP

The client portal fits alongside a resident-facing web application that released in 2018, which allows residents to view usage, project end-of-month costs, set budgets, receive alerts if they exceed their goals and better control their energy and water use costs. Both applications are part of NEP’s vision for its Smart Property Platform, which manages multifamily energy and water use in an entirely new way.

The Smart Property Platform provides MDU owners and managers with better profitability, a smarter living experience and measurable sustainability.
— JT Kreager, COO

NEP will be launching additional features for both platforms alongside new hardware products throughout 2019, including; integration with EnergyStar Portfolio Manager™, green loan benchmarking and consulting, Armada Power FleetCommander™ integration to reduce OpEx costs through automatic vacant thermostat and water heater setbacks, and managed WiFi services that enable a suite of tech amenities for residents.

Taylor Wiff