Understanding Common Area Usage Charges


Ever wonder about the energy costs associated with the fountain running at the entrance of your apartment community? Or lighting the communal clubhouse? These are community costs, also known as Common Area Usage (CAU) charges, and Nationwide Energy Partners is making it easier to understand community-level usage with a proprietary data collection and analytics platform.

Our sophisticated data collection and analytics system is a critical tool that helps both property owners and residents understand energy use and participate in energy reduction.

With data at the foundation of good energy efficiency and cost-management programs, Nationwide Energy Partners analyzes community-level data that examines correlations between usage and property attributes, or between usage and unit type. Such analysis helps our CAU monitoring team identify inflated community charges and detect leaks or instances of extremely high levels of energy use. Once detected, the monitoring team helps property owners and managers identify top causes and recommend solutions for the community, saving residents dollars monthly.

With 18 percent of the U.S. population living in multifamily communities, we’re committed to helping improve the resident experience through transparency, access to data, and energy innovation. Nationwide Energy Partners is uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency solutions to the multifamily industry that was underserved before now.

At Nationwide Energy Partners, we believe that residents in apartments and condominiums deserve the same transparency afforded to those in single-family homes and businesses. And we believe that property owners, given the tools, want to help cut waste and costs, as well. Our mission is to make both the norm for our customers.

Taylor Wiff