Summit on Advanced Utility Billing


Nationwide Energy Partners hosts major municipal utilities for a summit on advanced utility billing.

Over the past twelve years, we at Nationwide Energy Partners have collaborated with Harris Computer Systems to develop industry-leading customer care, billing and financial software that provides customers with cutting-edge technology they can trust when paying their utility bill. This partnership has enabled both companies to innovate our processes for identifying the needs of our customers, their location and their usage patterns, so that we can offer the best information and biggest savings directly to our customers.

It was our pleasure then, when Harris Computer Systems called on us to convene a regional summit for those Ohio utility companies also using the inHANCE billing system. Four major municipal utilities attended the meeting, including: Bowling Green, Wooster, Lancaster and Green Counties: along with representatives from Harris.

The day was focused on training and advanced discussions around implementation and user needs. The meeting also served as a forum to spur conversation around how to improve each county’s billing product.

With our past experience and focus on innovative data-driven solutions, our team was able to share with the group how we’ve customized our billing system in the most efficient manner possible to ensure a seamless customer experience. At Nationwide Energy Partners, we’re unique in that we analyze community-level data that can empower our property developers, owners, managers and residents to understand their usage and make changes that can lead to greater energy efficiency.

With smarter energy, comes a smarter tool. And with the combination of billing tools, such as inHANCE, and our innovative capabilities, we’ve been able to reinvent the utility bill for residents of multifamily units. We’re excited to work with key partners and further our communications effectiveness across multiple platforms so that we can give our customers the best experience possible.

Taylor Wiff