Senior Director of Operations Earns Certified Energy Manager Certification


As we continue to innovate and roll out new services for our customers, such as the Energy Star Certification assistance program we recently launched, we congratulate Tom Roberts, our senior director of operations, who earned his Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification! The CEM certification is utilized around the world and is a recognized standard of professional knowledge and achievement in energy management.

Tom’s expertise in energy management solutions and energy efficiency helps NEP lead the way in assisting our customers with implementing energy efficient practices.

The CEM certification was established in 1981 by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) to raise the professional standards of those engaged in energy management. Tom completed CEM coursework at Duquesne University and passed AEE’s national certification exam. He will maintain his certification by continuing education classes and attending conferences about energy management.

“Earning my CEM certification will help me better meet customer needs and provide additional insights and recommendations for energy management,” said Tom. During his day-to-day role, he will share strategies with property owners and managers, enabling them to make informed decisions about energy consumption. He will also work with developers and engineers to identify opportunities to make improvements in energy usage.

Prior to his current role, Tom served as the director of technology strategy and planning where he led the company’s technology initiatives, including infrastructure, software, process and product development. Tom is a naturally curious individual who focuses on the possibilities in situations and thrives on designing solutions to complex problems. His engineering background instills a methodical and systematic approach to problem solving activities, while passions for customer service and branding guide his interactions.

Prior to Nationwide Energy Partners, Tom held a variety of roles over his six-year tenure at Lifestyle Communities and began his career as an engineer in the research centers for the Mead Paper Company followed by the Trane Company.

Leveraging Tom’s expertise and experience, we’re excited to continue to help build and maintain more energy efficient multifamily communities.

Please join us in congratulating Tom!

Taylor Wiff