NEP + Nyserda + Con Edison


Nationwide Energy Partners joins Nyserda and Con Edison to help reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) says the secret to reducing energy consumption in the state’s commercial buildings may lie in advanced submetering systems. As a result, it’s launched a concerted effort with the energy sector to figure out how to best perform and incentivize an overhaul of current master meter systems.

NYSERDA invited our team at Nationwide Energy Partners to join a meeting with other energy sector representatives including Con Edison, Itron, MCEnergy, Leviton, Intech21, Byram Labs, Quadlogic and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation to examine such an overhaul. While Con Edison and NYSERDA discussed a strengthened incentive program, which will encourage and support commercial building owners to adopt submetering platforms, the rest of the group focused on the barriers to submetering at the commercial building level.

With 15 years of experience and a track record of success in providing smart, innovative energy solutions to multiunit buildings, NYSERDA called on our metering manager Mark Himmel to share Nationwide Energy Partners’ unique perspective on submetering.

“We know that the installation of submeters in buildings is not enough,” Himmel told the group. “While Nationwide Energy Partners works primarily with residential developments, we shared key insights on how managing energy usage for buildings requires data AND analysis. The analysis is key to reduction in energy usage in either residential or commercial buildings.”

At Nationwide Energy Partners, we’re leading the way in analyzing community-level data for correlations between usage and property attributes, or between usage and unit type, and in conducting comparative analyses on averages usage and high usage. With such analyses, property developers, owners and managers can understand their usage and make changes that can lead to greater energy efficiency.

In New York State, building owners and meter manufacturers will need to identify solutions and conduct in-depth analyses to make a well-informed decision about submetering solutions. With the work we are already pursuing at Nationwide Energy Partners and our commitment to innovative energy solutions, we know we can help close that gap and positively influence energy usage for all involved.

Taylor Wiff