NEP Joins Ohio Advanced Energy Economy


Through its new membership in Ohio Advanced Energy Economy, Nationwide Energy Partners is adding its voice to the cause of energy innovation and sustainability. Uniting with businesses, universities, governments and nonprofits throughout the state, Nationwide Energy Partners is joining the effort to foster a robust energy industry by developing and implementing advanced energy technologies.

“We are proud to be part of this growing coalition of innovators, educators and job creators,” said Kit Hagen, vice president of Marketing and Strategy at Nationwide Energy Partners. “By aligning our talents, ideas and resources, we will grow our economy today and leave a better world for our children tomorrow.”

Ohio Advanced Energy Economy is an alliance of more than 100 private sector, public sector and nonprofit partners in the energy field. Its mission is to position the state of Ohio as a global leader in clean, secure and affordable energy by driving and implementing technology innovation. Ohio Advanced Energy Economy promotes hybrid automobiles, lightweight aircraft material, compressed natural gas, green buildings, efficient industrial practices and wind, solar and nuclear technology.

As a leading energy and utility provider to multifamily buildings, Nationwide Energy Partners innovates with products and processes to help customers recognize and implement efficiency measures. With one of the most sophisticated data collection and analysis systemsin the industry, Nationwide Energy Partners helps property owners, managers and residents track and reduce their energy consumption.

Recently, Nationwide Energy Partners announced plans to expand its employee base, geographic footprint and business offerings. In addition to creating energy jobs in the region, Nationwide Energy Partners’ growth drives innovation on the service and data side of the energy industry.

Taylor Wiff