Introducing Free Online Bill Payments


Paying energy bills online is not only easy, but now also free for customers of Nationwide Energy Partners. All online fees have been removed from the website, making Nationwide Energy Partners one of the only utility service providers in Ohio with free one-time credit card payments.

“Our customers deserve to manage their accounts in the way that is most convenient and comfortable for them, and they should do so without being penalized for it,” Nationwide Energy Partners President Mike Palackdharry said. “We’re proud to be on the cutting edge in this area of customer service, and over time we expect other providers to follow our lead.”

Removal of the online charges is part of Nationwide Energy Partners’ new web portal that serves as a one-stop-shop for account information, bill payments and energy consumption information. The new web portal has useful and easy-to-understand information about energy consumption while also enabling customers to store credit cards to expedite future bill payments, pay by e-check or set up an auto-pay option.

Taylor Wiff