Customized Care for the Customer


At Nationwide Energy Partners, we’re focused on ensuring our customers – both property owners and residents – have the best experience with our smarter energy and utility services. To that end, we are always striving to enhance customer engagement by bringing clarity to bills, helping customers manage their usage and stressing transparency in our practices.

Our customer engagement team is committed to building the strongest customer relationships and finding ways to resolve customer concerns. Our team’s approach starts with listening closely to the customer with an issue. We will then arrange an in-person meeting and develop reports that break down the customer’s recent usage, including usage patterns and usage related to seasonal factors. Made possible by our elevated data-based efficiency programs, this process makes it easier for customers to understand their energy habits at the individual level and enables us to recommend solutions specific to each customer.

Victoria Roach, our customer relationship manager notes, “It’s all personal. From the in-person meeting to the customized reports we prepare, personalizing the process is essential in taking care of our customers.”

The customized experience not only benefits our customers, but it also benefits us. Through diligent engagement, we learn the top concerns of customers. This motivates us to innovate on their behalf and establish enhanced customer-friendly processes.

Recently, we rolled out a new customer bill. It offers customers clarity and insight into their energy usage by detailing patterns of their electricity and water usage through understandable graphics, comparisons to the average cost in their buildings and a convenient breakdown of everything that goes into the charges.

As one of the only utility service providers with a dedicated customer engagement team, our goal is not only to help customers better understand their energy consumption, but also to become more energy conscious and energy efficient.

Taylor Wiff