A New Web Portal for our Customers


Monitoring energy usage and paying utility bills should not be a time-consuming chore for our customers. This is why, along with our steadfast commitment to transparency and expediency, we’ve launched a new Web portal to serve as a one-stop shop for account information, bill payments and energy consumption information. With a reimagined interface, the portal is more responsive to customer needs, designed for mobile device usage and instantaneously updates information.

The new Web portal has useful and easy to understand information about energy consumption. Customers can visit the site to see their total energy costs for the billing period as well as, total usage in terms of kilowatt hours, costs broken down between electricity and water, average daily cost and kilowatt hours. We’re hoping these resources help customers to manage their utility usage and bills as well as explore the role energy efficient practices can play in reducing their costs.

The portal also enables customers to store credit cards to expedite future bill payments, pay by e-check or set up an auto-pay option. We recognize that customers have unique billing needs and schedules, so through the new portal we’re offering customers the option to transfer amounts on the same date each month or every two weeks – either to coincide with their payday schedules or with Nationwide Energy Partners’ due date, which will now be the same day each month. We can also send customers a text message or email alert to remind them that money will be moved from their accounts, if they prefer.

“We understand the importance of reinventing ourselves in order to consistently improve our service,” says John Kitson, manager of operations at Nationwide Energy Partners. “Our customers are busy with jobs and responsibilities, and they deserve convenience in paying their bills and in accessing information that’s simple and easy to process about their energy usage.”

Taylor Wiff