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Our unique platform delivers increased NOI and reduced operating expenses with no upfront capital required

IoT technologies are everywhere. Internet is becoming a required amenity and smart apartments are becoming an expected part of multi-family living. Residents want technology forward apartments and property managers and owners want real-time operational data and control. Our Smart Property Platform brings all these elements together in a single pane of glass from one provider. We provide tech amenity solutions such as community wide wifi, smart devices, EV charging as well as utility technologies like smart metering, microgrids, and utility billing & analytics.


Smart Home Devices

Smart devices are highly desired by residents. With a managed wifi solution in place, individual devices can be networked together to create a ‘fleet’ that allows complete operational control across your portfolio all from the convenience of an app.


EV Charging Stations

As a ChargePoint Signature Partner, NEP offers market leading charging solutions. By utilizing our patented fleet management capabilities, NEP has integrated ChargePoint’s stations to help multifamily owners & operators deliver high value resident amenities while also generating income and lowering operational costs.


Fleet Control Software

FleetCommander™ is a patented cloud-based software that networks together smart devices to enable seamless move in/move out actions, real-time operational control, and active energy market participation. This intelligent software not only generates incremental NOI and increases operational automation but it reduces vacant usage and a community’s carbon footprint.


What can our Smart Property Platform do for you?

  • community owned wifi

  • privatized utility microgrid

  • mobile enabled resident app

  • future IoT device compatibility

  • real time analytics

  • automated vacant setback

  • automated move in/move out

  • ongoing monthly residual payments

  • increased energy efficiency

  • proactive maintenance

  • water leak detection

  • carbon footprint reduction

  • smart device management

  • property management portal

  • utility smart metering & billing

  • in-house customer call center



Learn more at booth 2140 at the NAA Apartmentalize Trade Show.

June 26-28 / Colorado Convention Center


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