In the increasingly competitive world of multi-family development, flexibility and speed are paramount for successful construction project delivery and community operations. For 19 years, NEP has been helping multi-family developers get to “lease up” faster and with less capital requirements by privatizing electrical distributions systems. These systems are essentially a microgrid for your property. In doing so, NEP provides you with complete ownership and control of the microgrid. This ownership creates maximum value and flexibility for owners, not your local utility. Owners gain control and decision making authority when it’s time to monetize or adapt to market changing new technologies. Owners can efficiently drive additional value by adding distributed generation such as solar, storage from batteries, EV charging stations or demand management technology. All of this and more can be enabled through your microgrid without having to get stuck in the red tape from utilities. Our clients consistently tell us we are easier to work with and deliver their projects faster than their host utility. This combination of speed and flexibility directly translates to quicker and increased NOI realization.