Increased NOI

At NEP, we understand that it’s hard to increase NOI. For over 19 years we have worked closely with multi-family developers and property managers to deploy smart energy and water technologies. These private distribution systems are essential for the foundation of a microgrid. As such, we can integrate the appropriate distributed generation resources such as solar and storage into the microgrid to further enhance returns. Our team has an excellent track record providing measurable NOI and asset value increases for our clients.

We are continuously evaluating, testing and implementing a variety of smart controls, smart devices and the fleet control critical for best in class MDU operations. It’s the real-time integration of these innovative solutions that lower operating costs while also generating new revenue streams and sustainability measures.

Let us help your team with your next new community, existing retrofits, or redevelopment project



Increased Asset Value

In an increasingly competitive market, multi-family communities with assets like privatized microgrids and smart home technology outpace their neighbors on operating expenses, rent premiums, occupancy and asset value. Not only does the ownership of the physical assets related to NEP’s microgrid and smart home technology enable increased capitalization rates but the increased NOI and new cash flows generated are capitalized into asset value as well.  Additionally, many of our client partners have seen value created during the sale of their communities through the detailed operational data and insight packages that NEP provides.



Decreased Capital Expenditures

Multi-family construction costs are continuing to rise putting increased pressure on the economics of building communities.

Over our 19 years of service, NEP’s unique economic model has offset over $30m in construction capital for our developer partners. We use our capital to take on significant portions of your microgrid costs, removing them from your construction P&L while still enabling you to own the assets. Our capital solutions can be used to defray the cost of multiple product offerings that NEP has to offer including: EV charging stations, managed wifi systems, and smart home technology.

Let us sit down with you and build a capital and technology solution that fits your community’s needs.   



Enhanced Resident Experience

The ever changing technological landscape is creating new opportunities to enhance the way we live. As part of our smart property platform, we provide a seamless and convenient living experience to increase resident satisfaction.

With a smart, connected home, your residents can manage their lives on the go, saving energy in a way that’s most convenient to them. We also offer one unified bill with many payment options to make life simpler. Our new easy-to-read bill design helps residents better understand their monthly usage and our mobile resident portal allows them track usage and billing information to eliminate surprises.

Complete residential support is always available via email and phone with 24/7 after-hours support. Your residents can always speak with a live person who is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

We care about your residents’ lifestyles and constantly innovate new ways to integrate technology so it enhances the resident experience for maximum comfort and convenience. By empowering residents with the knowledge and tools to manage their energy and their lives, we increase retention rates and make your life simpler. And smarter.



Speed to Market

We get it. As a developer you want your communities up and running quickly, easily and for less cost. With NEP you get just that and more! We manage every step of the process, from engineering and design to procurement and installation. Our team can even help hide bulky equipment so your community has the aesthetics that your brand requires.

With a traditional utility, you always have the hassle of dealing with slow, unresponsive teams who charge you separately for everything and won't work with your schedule. Here, we'll provide capital, work around your deadlines, help you build better, more economically and on time. What more can you ask of a partner? Get your property running sooner and smarter with NEP!