Real-time data & analytics and the ability to make business decisions based on that information is the foundation of our digital world and the key to an operationally efficient and profitable community. NEP’s smart apartment platform creates a cohesive multi-family operational picture by combining different data sources such as electric meter data, water meter data and water heater data with unit and community attributes including unit type, floor plan and square footage. The net result is a powerful data and analytics portal with an intuitive dashboard navigation,  providing property managers and developers with the heartbeat of the property. Not just status reports but strategic real-time property data analysis producing outcomes such as predictive maintenance alerts, details on common area usage and calculations on vacant unit costs. It enables cross unit, building, community and portfolio level assessment. This is foundational, digital connectivity with your properties in a way never before possible.


Benefits include:

  • Access to real time usage data

  • Multiple source data inclusive of electric and water meter data, unit and community attributes, etc.

  • Easy to use dashboards

  • Analysis drill downs and cross comparisons from unit to building to property levels

  • Enables portfolio level best in class operations identification

  • High usage alerting spots issues early and saves time and money