Nationwide Energy Partners, NEP, is an innovative energy solutions company that partners with property owners to provide a higher level of detail and control over their electricity and/or water usage. NEP has proudly been serving multifamily property owners, managers, developers and their residents with innovative energy management solutions since 1999.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, NEP partners with communities and the local host utilities to individually meter and accurately measure commodity consumption within each apartment or condominium unit which allows residents to pay only for what they use. NEP goes above and beyond with its growing lists of services and capabilities to separate itself from other traditional submetering companies.

NEP is expanding throughout the Midwest and into nearby Mid-Atlantic states exploring new avenues to empower developers and owners to enable their residents to become more energy efficient. We offer a menu of solutions including, but not limited to, submetering, meter reading, billing, collections, data analytics, and enhanced resident support to meet the needs of our partner communities and their residents.



our mission

To passionately deliver valued solutions to multi-family property owners and their residents through empowerment, innovation and integrity.



Our Beliefs

Smart Energy

Our Values

Embrace creativity and innovation
Build a positive environment
Deliver an exceptional experience
Communicate with simplicity



Who we serve and where we operate

Today, NEP provides services to developers and property owners in 6 states: Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Consequently, we are able to provide services on behalf of these owners to over 32,000 of their residents.

Commitment to transparency
and business ethics

Transparency is key to resident satisfaction. That’s why we created industry-leading transparent billing statements that offer residents more information and insight, empowering them to become more energy conscious and efficient.


How NEP innovates

Our data management and analytical tools empower owners and residents to achieve energy cost savings in more than 150 multifamily communities.

Transforming multifamily energy and water

Together, with our residential and commercial clients, we can use shared strategies and data to achieve energy efficiencies, cost savings and resident satisfaction.